Products & Services

products-servicesPPP will offer the following products & services to its clients

  • Printing Services: Printing services will be done mostly to meet the requirements publishing books for Lecture Publications that is guide books and other such books. It will also include publishing books for NCTB.
  • Binding: As every book requires binding, PPP will also provide this service in order to provide on stop solution to its clients.
  • Printing Plates: Generally the publishing houses provide printing plates to the printing houses which is manufactured by specialized plate making companies. PPP, however, will offer such services from the same premises so that the clients do not have to look for external sources to prepare these plates. Each of these plates generally can support up to 50,000 impressions. Afterwards, the used ones are required to be replaced with fresh sets of plates.
  • UV printing: Printing of laminated cover pages of the books are done by specialized suppliers since it requires sophisticated technology by itself. PPP will offer this product to its clients as part of its one stop solutions to the clients.
  • Positive: Positives are computer generated films that are required to prepare the metal plates for printing. These films are produced through complex designing process that requires personnel with such skills.
  • Freight Services: Goods may be delivered to the clients upon demand for such services. PPP shall, at a negotiated risk premium, render such services to its clients.